Is A Heated Humidifier Necessary For My CPAP Machine?

Having sleep apnea can be an expensive and time consuming medical condition. The condition requires a CPAP machine which needs regular upkeep. Of course there are ways that you can make the condition easier on yourself but they are not necessary.

CPAP machines have add-ons that allow you to feel more comfortable. Yes, a humidifier is recommended for people who have dry throat problems but it is not necessary. When a CPAP machine forces air pressure down the throat some people tend to dry out. Dry throats result in sore throats and often cause interrupted sleep patterns not quite as bad as sleep apnea all the time but sometimes it does. It can also cause sore throats. This is a good reason to use a humidifier. best soap for cleaning cpap 

Humidifiers send moisture into your air passages that will help you to feel more comfort. If your air passages have moisture it will save it from drying out obviously, and save you from experiencing nose bleeds, dry mouth and sore throat problems. There are also heated humidifiers available. This will help to add a little more comfort. It heats up to the same temperature as your body so you can have an easier time breathing and to also help the air travel and feel more cozy in your passages and on your face.

However, it is not absolutely necessary to have a heated humidifier or even to have a humidifier at all. Some people have said it doesn’t bother them to not have a humidifier and others have said that it is even preferable to go without the humidifier. Some brands can be annoyingly loud or be awkwardly wet on your face and collect water in your mask or get your pillow wet. It does depend on the brand but it is a possibility.

Choosing a CPAP machine is mostly about what makes YOU sleep better. There is no “better” or “healthier” way to use a CPAP machine; it is mostly about trial and error. Some people enjoy more pressure, some enjoy CPAP machines with soothing night time sounds built in to add rest and some prefer heated humidifiers.

If you are not using one and you are comfortable, you probably don’t need one. It will surely save you money if you have a machine without one. If you are having dry throat problems without one, you might want to just try it out.

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